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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Display Ad
Bagalkote23 K( Copies)Rs. 265 / sqcm
Bangalore3 L( Copies)Rs. 1090 / sqcm
Chitradurga21 K( Copies)Rs. 225 / sqcm
Gangawati23 K( Copies)Rs. 270 / sqcm
Gulbarga26 K( Copies)Rs. 265 / sqcm
Hassan16 K( Copies)Rs. 130 / sqcm
Hubli1 L( Copies)Rs. 350 / sqcm
Mangalore62 K( Copies)Rs. 315 / sqcm
Mysore60 K( Copies)Rs. 315 / sqcm
Shimoga32 K( Copies)Rs. 265 / sqcm


Frequently Asked Questions

Please know that as per your requirement, your ad type will be a display advertisement. Such ads are calculated based on the length and breadth of the advertisement and are charged in per sq. cm unit. Should you like to publish your Public Notice Announcement in the same format in the Bangalore edition of Vijay Karnataka, please visit the following page: and select the main paper. In the next step specify choose the edition as per your requirement and mention the size of the ad as well as the page preference to get the exact cost of the ad. To ensure the timely release of the date, please confirm the ad release dates and clear the payments at least 2-3 days before the intended release dates, through the Make Payment page.
Before booking a full page ad, please know that it is a Display ad which is the most expensive form of newspaper advertising. These ads are priced based on the size of the ad in per sq. cm. unit and can be published on any preferred page. If you are interested in proceeding with the booking of your Display advertisement in the newspaper of your choice, then please start the booking of your ad from the Vijay Karnataka Display Ad Rates page. From here you need to choose the main newspaper or any of the preferred supplements, after which you need to specify the locations or editions where you intend to reach out. Once you are done choosing the preferred location, you must confirm the ad size or choose the ‘Full page Ad’ option to get the exact cost estimate. Once you have reviewed the ad rates, you can proceed to compose your advertisement with the help of online Design Templates or your may upload your own ad design as per your requirement. Then you can confirm the ad release dates and then proceed to make the payment for your advertisement with our online or offline payment portals. The ad must be booked at least 2-3 days to avoid any last minute hassles and make sure that the ad is published on time. 
releaseMyAd is an online ad booking portal where you can book  ads in any newspaper from across the country in just 3 simple steps. In order to know the details of display ad in Vijay Karnataka you can visit the main Display Ad Page of Vijay Karnataka. On this page, specify your ad size to review the estimated cost of your advert to be published in the Bangalore edition. You can either compose the ad with the help of our Online Design Templates or simply upload your own ad design as per your preference in the Compose Ad section. To get it ready to be published in the preferred newspaper, simply confirm the ad release dates and clear the payment through our Online or Offline Payment Options on the Dates & Payment page.  
Please know that your ad will fall under the Display Ad type and you these ads are charged based on per of the space taken up by them in a particular page. The top 4 daily newspapers of Bangalore are Times of India, Vijay Karnataka (regional), Prajavani (regional) and Deccan Herald (English). In case you intend to advertise your Business in the English Newspapers of Bangalore, please visit:  for Times of India. For advertising in Deccan Herald, please visit: . For promoting your Business in the regional newspapers, such as Vijay Karnataka, please visit: and for Prajavani, click here: In case of all the newspapers, please choose the main edition to proceed to the editions page, where you can choose one or multiple editions as per your preference. Then you must choose the Quarter Page Ad option and page preference as Front Page to get the exact cost of your Display Business advert. Then you can proceed to the composition or uploading of your own ad matter in the Compose Ad section. After this you can specify the ad release dates and clear the payment through our online or offline payment mediums. Please make sure that you complete the entire booking process at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release dates so that your ad is released on time.
Thank you for you query. We must inform you that as per your requirement, the ad type would be a display ad. Such ads are measured in temrs of their size in per and charged accordingly.  To review the exact cost for your display advert in Vijay Karnataka for all editions, please visit the following page: and choose the main newspaper edition. Choose all the editions as per your convenience and proceed to specify the size of the ad as 8 cm X 6 cm as well as the preferred page where you want the ad to appear. Here you can view the exact ad cost and proceed to the Compose Ad page.  You can upload your ad design or create it with the help of our Design templates or Hire the help of a Creative Expert. There are other options as well for booking newspaper display ads in other newspapers in Karnataka. You may visit for Deccan Herald and folllow the same processf for composing and booking your display advertisement. For choosing from other national newspapers, please visit us at:
As per your requirement, please know that your ad type should be a display ad. Such ads are measured in terms of the length and breadth and are charged on the basis of per sq. cm. In case of any specific page preference, you are required to pay a certain extra charge. Should you like to book your Education Ad in Vijay Karnataka, please visit the following link: and select the main newspaper. Then choose the editions as per your requirement, you can also review the different options in sizes and choose accordingly along with the preferred page to review the exact cost of your advert. In display ads, an additional discount of 5% may be provided by the company as per the cost of the ad. Please book your ad at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release dates to ensure the timely release of the ad. You can pay via our online or offline payment mediums and also avail insertion offers for long run ads.

Booking Process

How are Vijay Karnataka Display ads priced?

Display advertisement is typically the most creative one, and thus, it draws maximum attention. Vijay Karnataka is the best medium to place display ads, primarily because it has a huge readership figure. This would generate a higher response rate for the advertisement, which is likely to be noticed by many. Several factors are considered while pricing a display ad in Vijay Karnataka:

  1. Fundamental pricing is done on the basis of per sq. cm. of area covered.
  2. Display ad rates vary due to several other attributes. For instance, the front page ad costs more than the one published in the middle page.
  3. More area the ad occupies, more expensive it is likely to be. You can opt for the given sizes in Vijay Karnataka – full page, half page and so on, else you can settle for a custom ad size. Innovative options like jacket, skybus, etc. too can be availed.
  4. The fact whether the display ad is coloured or black & white, will also influence the price.

releaseMyAd provides you with the negotiation option on the final price, to get you the cheapest rate possible.